Before the rental:

  1. Make sure you’ve received payment through the platform from the borrower before you arrange to hand over your item. We do not cover any transaction not paid through our platform. So, never accept cash for an item — always make sure the borrower has paid in advance before arranging a meetup with them.
  2. Take photos or video of your item before it’s rented out to someone. These must be timestamped (if you take them with your smartphone, they will be automatically.)
  3. If there’s a core motion function, we need a video of it working. So a video of the drone flying, or a keyboard playing (with audio on). This is so if the item stops working during a rental, we can prove that it was working immediately prior to the rental.

After the rental:

Notify us as soon as possible after the rental that there is an issue or damage. We cannot respond to any claims made more than 24 hours after the end date of the rental.

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