Hey lender! You’re about to hand off one of your items to another member of the Quupe community. To make sure everyone has the best possible experience, take a look at the following checklist in preparation for your rental.

𝥁 You have received payment from the borrower and the transaction status is ‘Paid’.

𝥁 You have confirmed a pick-up time and place with the borrower.

𝥁 Your item is clean and completely functional. For insurance purposes, log a time-stamped video demonstrating the item is fully functional and any photos showing the condition of the item.

𝥁 If your item is electronic, it is either fully charged or fully charged batteries are included.

𝥁 The item and any complementary included items (i.e. cables for charging, stakes for a tent, etc.) are packed safely.

𝥁 You have reviewed how to properly use the item with the borrower if they are unfamiliar with your item. If you are lending out a drone, review Transport Canada’s rules for flying with the borrower.

𝥁 You have confirmed a drop-off time and place with the borrower.

𝥁 You have looked over the item and it has been returned in the same condition with all the parts included.

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