You can cancel a request before it's accepted by the lender by going to your messages, clicking on the lender message, opening your request card and clicking on cancel. You can see the cancellation steps below.

After you make a booking request, and your request has been accepted, there’s a 24-hour grace period where you’ll be reimbursed if you decide to cancel a booking before your rental period.

After that time, as long as it’s earlier than the 24-hour window prior to the beginning of the rental period, the borrower is charged 30% of the rental, with the rest of the rental amount being refunded.

Any cancellations made within 24 hours before the start date of the rental cannot be reimbursed, to protect lenders from last-minute cancellations.

Here's how you can cancel a rental request.

  • Go to your messages and find the name of the person you requested the item from, or the person who requested an item from you.
  • Click on the message and see the list of rental requests under the In Progress filter.
  • Click on Cancel button on the request card.
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